Interview with Shaun Greenough

Shaun Greenough

Domestic and International Operations Manager

Greenough is recognised as one of the most experienced former Operational Counter Terrorism Police Officers in the UK. He has worked multiple high level operations that have saved hundreds of lives. This has included the Transatlantic Bomb plot, one of the biggest Al-Qaeda plots to have ever been foiled.

Greenough has been in UK Policing for over 36 years having joined in 1983.During this time he has been involved in many Policing roles including front line Policing as well as Community Policing and Community Engagement.


The main area of his expertese  however has been intelligence acquisition and intelligence management.

For the last 12 years He has  engaged in Counter Terrorism Policing in a wide range of roles. Including managing intelligence gathering and assessment within several different departments. 


In these roles He was involved in a number of very high profile operations of National and International importance.

For the last few years Greenough has been working in the Prevent arena, initially being involved in the Channel Programme and then within referral management. He has also managed a wide range of Intervention work both within the Channel programme and outside of it. Within this role he has worked alongside active investigations and intelligence operations where Prevent activity has been required. This work has included working on all aspects of extremism and radicalisation.


With an extensive experience in assessing case work and identifying a way forward with either referral to the Channel Programme or more targeted interventions in isolation. Some of this work has been based on Psychometric assessment of an individual to identify what type of interventions may work or to assist in building a bespoke intervention for that individualIn this role Greenough worked with individuals who had been engaged with banned groups including the Extreme Right Wing Group –National Action as well as members of the Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun.


Greenough is now working with The Unity Initiative, using his vast an expertise to create a safer world.