1:1 Mentoring

Our interventions are designed to aide individuals in dealing with and overcoming issues that make them vulnerable to a number of issues including but not limited to hate based extremism and gang affiliation.


We provide a support structure that nurtures critical thinking and allows for individuals to discuss and explore alternative perspectives. We  are recognised as the leading company working with those considered to be of 'highest risk'  within the UK.

24/7 Crisis Support

Vulnerable people experience crises. Non-judgmental, relevant and timely support   These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Identity crises

  • Relationship  crises

  • Bereavement

  • Financial Issues

  • Homelessness

  • Emotional Support 

  • Violence and trauma

  • Employment/Training related crises

  • Mental health issues

Family Support

We help families across the UK to overcome their difficulties and prevent crisis. 

We support families struggling with issues such as poverty, ill health, learning difficulties, bereavement, family break-up and domestic abuse.

Community Empowerment and Resilience Building Projects

Communities are the most important defence against a number of social issues. 

By upskilling overcoming barrier and developing relationships with readily accessible resources, community members can identify, manage and help prevent a number of issues.

Social Media Campaigns
Social Media is a powerful communication tool that can be used in a positive and       constructive way. 
In order to achieve a successful campaign,  goals must be discrete and measurable. 
Having obtained a baseline measure of the targeted metric we can track changes and performance during and beyond the campaign.

Educational Training Programmes

Having been recognised by leading academics as pioneers and experts in the field of mentoring and supporting positive behavioural change, TUI have developed a number of training packages that are tailored to the needs of the client.

Some examples of these training programs include:

1. We are an accredited centre for a variety of educational programs that can help youth/adults to kickstart their employment options.

2.  We deliver frontline staff, policy maker and NGO training packages that are tailored to the needs outlined in an introductory scoping meeting. 

3. We also deliver train the trainer programs. 

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